Other Services

Hostel Laundry

We also have a laundry service for our clients. This space is equipped with a washing machine and a dryer that are easy to work on with. They have a pre-defined program and the client only must introduce the right amount of money.

All the detergents are included on the washing machine.

Vending Machines 

In the Living Room there is two vending machines. One serves coffee and other hot drinks and the other cold drinks and sweet or salty snacks. The products are refilled almost every day to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our clients. 

Reading Corner

Our Centre also has a little Reading Corner, where you can find books in the most diversed areas and languages. Our collection includes at least 10 categories: History, Art, Tourism, Politics, Romance, Geography, Economy, Literature, Education and Poetry. 


Braga Youth Centre

Located a few minutes walking from the Historic Centre of the city, Braga's Youth Centre is a multipurpose space that offers versatile and confortable accommodations, suitable for every age group.



R. de Santa Margarida nº6
4710-306 Braga

(+351) 253 148 682 [national mobile call]
(+123) 966 754 534 [call to the national fixed network]

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