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Inauguration of the Braga Youth Centre

The Braga Youth Centre was inaugurated by the President of InvestBraga and the Mayor of Braga, Ricardo Rio, and the Minister of Education, Tiago Brandão Rodrigues.

The ceremony was marked by several moments of entertainment, provided by elements of TinBra Association, and was also attended by the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, the President of the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth and remaining team, the president of Movijovem and remaining team, councillors of the Municipality of Braga, deputies, youth associations and other military and religious entities. In total, about 200 people marked the formal inauguration of the Braga Youth Centre.

Totally renovated, the Youth Centre is thus a space that aims to respond to the different needs of the markets betting on new features that mirror its mission, vision and values through the provision of a quality service and its recognition as a reference equipment.

This space will continue to host the services of the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth.

Braga Youth Centre

Located a few minutes walking from the Historic Centre of the city, Braga's Youth Centre is a multipurpose space that offers versatile and confortable accommodations, suitable for every age group.



R. de Santa Margarida nº6
4710-306 Braga

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