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Humaniz(Art) Project

Oikos - Cooperation and Development (North Delegation) started a new project focused on "Human Rights" - Humaniz(Arte) Project.

Developed in partnership with Braga City Hall, InvestBraga and Sá de Miranda Training Centre, this project seeks to strengthen, raise awareness and distribute information on the subject in question, directing professionals, young people and adults to the importance of defending Human Rights.

The Humaniz(Arte) Project was implemented in the scope of the Active Citizens Program, funded by the Active Citizens Fund/EEA Grants (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and managed by the consortium Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Bissaya Barreto Foundation. It is addressed to the whole educational community in the district of Braga, namely teachers and students from the 2nd and 3rd CEB, secondary and vocational education, municipal technicians and technicians belonging to Civil Society Organizations (OSC), associative leaders and Braga's civil society. It promotes awareness-raising actions and informative workshops on "Human Rights" aimed at young people, training for teachers and municipal technicians/associative leaders/professionals from CSOs, artistic expression workshops on "Human Rights" and school information and awareness campaigns.

In order to check the level of concern about Human Rights of the beneficiaries of the intervention at the pre-project stage, the organisation developed a short questionnaire, with only 10 questions and a maximum duration of 2 minutes. This questionnaire can be filled in by teachers, students (2nd and 3rd cycle cycle, secondary and vocational education), association leaders, municipal technicians and technicians from civil society organisations.

To take the questionnaire, simply press HERE.

Braga Youth Centre

Located a few minutes walking from the Historic Centre of the city, Braga's Youth Centre is a multipurpose space that offers versatile and confortable accommodations, suitable for every age group.



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