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Convergências Festival

Organized by the group Canto D'Aqui, in partnership with the Centro de Estudos Galegos da Universidade do Minho and the support of the Municipality of Braga, the 7th edition of the Convergências Festival will take place between April 19th and May 9th, strengthening the union between Braga and Galicia.

The 7th edition of Convergências presents an enriching program in terms of knowledge, with events of great cultural and musical interest, from fado concerts, theatre, book presentations and gatherings.

Canto D'Aqui, Oscar Ibáñez & Tribo, Bomboémia, Uxia Senlle Cristina Branco, Galician Theatre Company Furabolos and the Folkloric Group from Minho University are some of the illustrious names that will be present at Convergências Festival, a festival that allows the evidence of a feeling of union between Portugal and Galicia, being "separated by waters, but still united by language".

The opening concert will take place at Altice Forum Braga, on April 19th, and will mark the beginning of "Braga Capital of Culture of the Atlantic Axis 2021". Since the concert will be reserved for guests, it will be broadcast live on the facebook of the Municipality, the Eixo Atlântico and the Eixo Atlântico Capital of Culture.

After the inauguration concert, the programme will vary between the Youth Centre of Braga, Theatro Circo, Altice Forum Braga, Ponteareas and the Rosalía de Castro Padron Foundation, where the Convergences Festival closing concert will take place, with the contribution of the Folkloric Group of the University of Minho and Canto D'Aqui.

This 7th edition will also present an important moment for the whole country: the Tribute to Zeca Afonso, on April 25th, at 11am, at Theatro Circo. A tribute to the vision and message of Zeca Afonso and the themes that marked the era.

Although presenting a different register in comparison with previous years, this year's show will guarantee dance, poetry and music, inviting you to listen to the voices of Manuel Freire and Francisco Fanhais, accompanied by Jorge Cunha's piano, without forgetting the tradition of the instruments and voices of Canto D'Aqui and the Folkloric Group of the University of Minho.

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