Points of Interest

Rodovia Sports’ Park Complex

Reinaugurated on the 24th August, the Rodovia Sports Park was extended by almost 50%. It is a true invitation for the people of Braga to go out of their houses and enjoy the nature, to socialize, in the company of their family or friends.

Fields for beach football, volleyball and basketball were built and the football pitches were also renovated.

Besides this, new equipment was also installed, such as a park for the elderly, a children's playground, new pedestrian crossings over the East River, a climbing wall, a 1,000m physical fitness circuit, small auditoriums spread along the riverfront for small music or theatre events, a street workout park and a skate park, as well as benches next to the football and beach football pitches.

Braga Youth Centre

Located a few minutes walking from the Historic Centre of the city, Braga's Youth Centre is a multipurpose space that offers versatile and confortable accommodations, suitable for every age group.



R. de Santa Margarida nº6
4710-306 Braga

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