Points of Interest

Mário Sequeira Gallery

It was founded in 1994, presents three distinct exhibition areas, namely a late 19th century farmhouse, a contemporary building of 900 square metres, a historical building and a sculpture park within the boundaries of an extensive green area.

The gallery approaches the exhibition programme in a spontaneous way, collaborating as consultants to international collections in order to promote artistic works in museums and public and private institutions.

The exhibition programme focuses on supporting and highlighting the work of various artists, nationally and internationally, highlighting educational projects.

The Mário Sequeira Gallery is open to the public with free admission 5 days a week throughout the year.

Braga Youth Centre

Located a few minutes walking from the Historic Centre of the city, Braga's Youth Centre is a multipurpose space that offers versatile and confortable accommodations, suitable for every age group.



R. de Santa Margarida nº6
4710-306 Braga

(+351) 253 148 682 [national mobile call]
(+123) 966 754 534 [call to the national fixed network]

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